Ellen Kong - "Inch by Inch" Arless Day - "Southern View" Jeffrey G. Batchelor - ""Mona"" Colleen Black Semelka - "Classic Gold with White Vase" Mary-Ann Prack - Yu2 Arless Day - ""Modern Heels"" Jacob Cooley - "Verdant" Carol Bodiford - ""Misty Morning II"" Lynn Boggess - """8 May 2017"""
Tyndall Galleries


The Tyndall Galleries are moving from University Place in Chapel Hill
to represent our very special group of artists exclusively ONLINE
through this website: www.tyndallgalleries.com

We're excited to begin this next chapter in our 28-year art journey
with you as we continue to provide the wonderful paintings,
ceramics, sculpture, and photography created by the artists you
have loved and collected from us over the years.

We appreciate so much your genuine interest, friendship and enthusiastic support of our gallery and artists.

Our sincere thanks to the folks at University Place for all they've provided us during our stay.

We can still be reached as always at

Thank you so much!
We look forward to staying in touch with you.

Jane Shuping Tyndall
Owner and Director