Gayle Stott Lowry - WHAT REMAINS Gayle Stott Lowry - SUSPENDED IN TIME Gayle Stott Lowry - "THEN AND NOW" Gayle Stott Lowry - "REMEMBRANCE" Gayle Stott Lowry - BELIEF Gayle Stott Lowry - IN THE WEE HOURS Gayle Stott Lowry - "WHAT CAME TO LIGHT"
Tyndall Galleries

Transitions: Paintings of Interior Space

January 18 - February 18, 2018

Gayle Stott Lowry visually explores diverse historic architectural interiors that are unaltered or have undergone renovation by their owners. Her paintings examine how we alter the spaces we inhabit and how they alter us.

Presence remains in a place even after its inhabitants and furnishings are gone. Continual passage leaves floors scarred, steps worn. Paintings removed from walls leave shadows; keys, whose purposes are lost, are left in an inconsequential pile. Both the presence and absence of these energies are contained simultaneously within the space and may be experienced by those who come after.

We are thrilled to present these six beautiful new paintings by Gayle Stott Lowry. For images and information about them all, go to the Artists pages on this websites and click on Gayle Stott Lowry. To discuss purchasing any of these works, please email us at or call 919-942-2290.

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